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The Business Resource Network helps regional businesses thrive, grow and create jobs by bringing a strategic and collaborative approach to solving their problems and expanding their opportunities.

This client-centered approach transcends individual programs and red tape to focus on meeting the complete business service needs of the client and delivering measurable results to our clients and communities.

Growing a stronger business means asking the right questions and finding the best answers.

The Business Resource Network helps you do both.

A Three Step Process


1) Learning about your business

By asking the right questions, we begin our work together with a face-to-face dialogue designed to learn where your business is now and where you want it to be. We use the Synchronist Business Information System to quickly and efficiently get a sense of the challenges and opportunities your business faces.

2) Creating and delivering a customized solution

We pull together the best ideas from the Network organizations and then present you with a comprehensive package of customized solutions that are responsive to your company's needs. You choose the programs and services you want to implement.

3) Providing Continued Support

A dedicated Business Resource Network representative will manage and coordinate the services you've selected from the Network partners and identify new ways to assist your business over time.

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What we are is a collaborative and growing group of the region’s chambers of commerce, workforce training organizations, schools, colleges and universities and government agencies that all offer some sort of business service. Our network includes every critical business service provider-from major federal and state programs to local organizations that can help you and your workers solve problems close to home.

The large number and scope of available workforce and economic development programs is overwhelming to employers and as a result, they are not accessing nor using these resources. Small to medium-sized companies, which must focus on their day-to-day operations, do not have the time to research and contact these resources.

The BRN takes the hundreds of resources and streamlines them into a single access point for employers, bringing them from Point A-to-Z of the process. The BRN navigates through the red tape of governmental agencies and programs to determine which funding streams would be best suited to the employer's current and future needs to grow, improve, or expand their businesses.


• Job posting
• Resume searches
• Open Interviews Events
• Applicant Screening
• On-Site Interviewing

Network Referrals
• Agency Partners
• Educational Organizations
• Lending Resources
• Consulting Services
• Financial Services
• Business Resources

Marketing Services

• Graphic Design

• Marketing Plans

• Marketing Tools & Resources

Informational Services

• Research

• Reference Materials

• Development Proposals

Workshops & Training

• Marketing Workshops

• Leadership Training

• Customer Service

• Business Management

• Technological Tools

New WorkBus Logo 2022.jpg

For more information, or to join the Pike County BRN, please contact: 


BRN Account Executive

Workforce & Business Development

Community Action Committee of Pike County

941 Market St

Piketon, OH 45661

740-289-2371  ext 7038


BRN Assistant

Workforce & Business Development

Community Action Committee of Pike County

941 Market St

Piketon, OH 45661

740-289-2371  ext 7367

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